Application Engineering - Hiring!

2014 is a great time to join PayPal.

With our move to NodeJS and the release of our open source KrakenJS code base, we are rewriting and redesigning all of our experiences -- all on NodeJS.

Kraken maritime warning

Productivity is the Reason

Elsewhere we have written about that move, but the real impetus behind the move is simple -- Developer productivity. Having a single technology stack for the frontend experience is key to accelerating development.

For us settling on NodeJS in the

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My First "Hour of Code"

During the week of Dec 9-15th over a half billion lines of code were written for the hour of code initiative by over 20 million people.

Image of code on screen. From use under CC-by-NC license

This got me reflecting on my own original "hour of code". It was a seminal moment in my life. I had never seen a real computer before this point in my life, much less ever programmed one. But one moment during my "hour of code" opened my eyes to the

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New Home for My Blog

I am excited to announce that I have moved my blog from Blogger to Ghost, a NodeJS blogging platform.


In 2005 when I started the blog, the easiest thing to do was to snag a blogspot account and start posting. Over time the blog became more popular and really outgrew what I would want to do with it on Blogger.

But inertia is a terrible thing ;-) I remember having a conversation with Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) 7

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Hiring in Austin

My team in PayPal Austin is hiring. We are looking for user interface engineers that can span the stack from node.js up to backbone.js. As part of the change we have been bringing to PayPal, our UIE teams partner closely with our design teams following the Lean UX methodology. And instead of just focusing on the HTML/CSS/JS client bits, we also work on the nodejs server bits as well. The process & tech stack allows us

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