Anti-Patterns: Talk at Web Builders 2007

Earlier this year I started giving talks on Anti-Patterns for Interaction Design.

What are anti-patterns?

Anti-patterns, also called pitfalls, are classes of commonly-reinvented bad solutions to problems. They are studied as a category so they can be avoided in the future, and so instances of them may be recognized when investigating non-working systems. The term originates in computer science, apparently inspired by the Gang of Four's book Design Patterns, which displayed examples of high-quality programming methods.

Wikipedia, Anti-Pattern

I think of Anti-Patterns as pitfalls with a pithy name.

Like the software anti-pattern counterparts, the following anti-patterns are common pitfalls to avoid when designing interactions.

In the weeks months years :-) to come I will discuss a number of these anti-patterns with real-world examples.

If you are at [Web Builder 2.0 in Las Vegas, NV](Web Builder 2.0 in Las Vegas, NV) bext week, I will be giving the Anti-Patterns talk there as well as my Designing the Rich Web Experience Talk (Principles & Patterns).