Anti-Patterns: Talk

Recently, I have been giving a new talk on Anti-Patterns.

current set of anti patterns

Sometimes it is most instructive to look at design patterns in reverse-- as a set of anti-patterns. In this talk, I am exploring the common mistakes that designers & developers make when attempting to craft a rich web experience. There are a bunch of counter-examples from consumer facing web sites (both inside & outside of Yahoo!) as well as from enterprise web applications.

The anti-patterns explored are:

  • meandering way
  • borg idiom
  • tiny targets
  • hover and cover
  • pogo stick navigation
  • novel notions
  • metaphor mismatch
  • double duty
  • linkitus
  • windows aplenty
  • animation gone wild
  • misguided misdirections
  • missed moments
  • one at a time
  • non-symmetrical actions
Venues for the talk so far have been at: