Application Engineering - Hiring!

2014 is a great time to join PayPal.

With our move to NodeJS and the release of our open source KrakenJS code base, we are rewriting and redesigning all of our experiences -- all on NodeJS.

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Productivity is the Reason

Elsewhere we have written about that move, but the real impetus behind the move is simple -- Developer productivity. Having a single technology stack for the frontend experience is key to accelerating development.

For us settling on NodeJS in the server tier (for the application, not for services which are currently on Java) and using more and more client side JavaScript makes the profile for hiring application engineers different than when we hired for either a user interface engineer or a Java Spring developer.

Now we are looking for full-stack application engineers in the JavaScript stack.

The Opportunity

Do you enjoy building products? Making experiences that people love?

Do you grok functional programming and find JavaScript to be the perfect environment to ply this trade?

Do you want to build experiences at scale that impact 120 million + users?

We are hiring JavaScript engineers to work full stack in the application layer. You will need solid software engineering skills, strong JavaScript mastery and ideally solid frontend development skills.

Note: while we are looking for the "unicorns", show us you have strong skills in either the frontend or the node layer and we believe we can grow you across the stack.

At PayPal we have an incredible training program. Doug Crockford teaches an in-depth 3-day Effective JavaScript book. The second day is especially powerful as a hands-on exercise lab day. And we have just engaged the NodeFirm and have started training an in-depth 3-day Node intensive.

In the works is a frontend engineering skills bootcamp (most likely 3 days). We also will be bringing some external training in-house.

Join Me!

So how about it? Join me in this adventure. We are on a journey to completely transform PayPal and have made huge strides. Help us bring it home. Be a part of one of our application engineering teams.

Positions are mostly in San Jose, CA. But also looking in Austin, Boston, Singapore and Bangalore, India.

You can reach me @billwscott on twitter, linkedin, gmail or a host of other social networks.

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