Carousel Component - Y! UI Library Example

Ok, so I have been extremely, extremely remiss in writing up what has been rattling around in my brain lately. So I have some pretty good excuses (lots of talks, lots of work, writing for the yui blog, writing various articles, lots of family visiting and so on.) But I have always felt that it was better to share something on this blog when I felt like I had something worthwhile to say (or share.)

So just a week back I took on a weekend 'geek' project. For a project at work we needed a carousel style component. Here is an example:

carousel example

I started on a Friday morning and was essentially finished on Sunday night. Although I will confess that I have tinkered with it on and off over the last week or so.

I think this component is fairly flexible and does a good job of illustrating how to write a component for the Yahoo! User Interface library.

I was going to wait and write up an article explaining how the component is built. But until I can get that post together, I will point you to the component and the documentation I have already put together for it.

It's not finished. Probably has some code that could be refactored and certainly could use improvements. Based on my testing it works on most recent browsers. Let me know if it is useful or if you think an extended article given as a tutorial for the Y!UI library using the carousel component would be helpful.

Check the out the carousel component here.