Come Work With Me!

I am having the hardest time filling two positions on my team. And I am working on what I think is one of the coolest products in Yahoo! (Yahoo! Teachers). I don't feel like I am asking for too much.

Here is what I am looking for.

Two passionate, talented software engineers with experience in developing web 2.0 social applications. While they must be proficient in PHP/mysql, I am looking for engineers that understand good software architecture, scalability concerns, performance engineering, and skills at assessing and implementing integration points with other Yahoo! platforms and properties. Experience with developing web services and/or search technologies is a plus. No need for front-end web development experience as the two positions focus on backend services and technologies. But of course any front-end experience is a plus.

To apply you should have at least 3-5+ years of experience. The key is web application development. Not interested in software engineers that have built microcontrollers or mobile apps or embedded devices or written some html. Seriously. This is an incredible opportunity, loads of fun, very rewarding... So how about it?

Both jobs are similar. Here are the postings:

Tech Yahoo, Software Apps Dev Eng, Sr

Tech Yahoo, Software Apps Dev Eng

Apply at the site. Also if you want drop me a line at: yteachersjobs [at] yahoo [dot] com.