Designing and Building With Ajax

In December, Adaptive Path started a new series of conferences specifically addressing how to design and engineer rich Internet applications with Ajax. At that conference Ben & Dion ( did a wonderful job of presenting the world of Ajax from the technical perspective.

I am excited to announce that I will be following in their footsteps and will be presenting along with Jesse James Garrett, Dan Saffer and Ryan Freitas at the Designing and Building with Ajax conference in LA on January 26th and in Miami on February 8th.

Based on feedback from the first conference we are revamping some of that curriculum and I am very excited about what we will be presenting.

So who should attend? Well we are desiging the material for both designers and web developers. If you are solely focused on design there will be lots of great ideas and tools presented that will enrich your work. If your bag is development, I aim to whet your whistle with some technical goodies as well as attempt to de-mystify the world of Ajax and DHMTL. And if you wear both hats-- well you will have a double-treat.

Why should you attend? Well, I think one really unique aspect of this conference is that instead of hearing 5 or 6 different speakers talking about individual topics, we are weaving a story through the day that is meant to build a mental model in your head to help you take a problem from conceptualization to design to implementation. The other unique aspect is presenting design and development in a wholistic manner. This is the context in which problems must be solved. This is also a great way to really understand the technology-- in light of our user's goals and needs.

Oh and one more thing. At the conference in LA, there will be some exciting news announced!

Would love to see you there!