Key Position: Sr. UIE Manager for our Wallet team

I have discussed in the past that we have been on a mission to change the culture, technology, process and experiences at PayPal. 15 months into my adventure here I have never been more excited.

Starting last year we moved away from Java & JSP for rendering our UIs and instead went to JavaScript templating (dust.js), using LESS for our CSS pre-processing, require.js for module dependency, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and bunch of other open source goodness. In addition, we have been using node.js as the underpinning for building our user experience code in a rapid, high iteration fashion. And even more exciting we are working on getting node.js to the point of production ready to build our app stack on top of it.

In addition, we have been pioneering Lean UX as a working model that puts our user interface engineers in the room directly with product & design to help lead our new experiences.

And we have been hiring some great talent.

Speaking of talent, I need to find a great manager for one of our most important teams -- the Wallet team. All of the consumer experiences fall under this area and cover desktop, tablet and mobile. We are also leading the charge on mobile first and the wallet team has many exciting opportunities to rethink the consumer's wallet across these channels.

Here is a link to the job description:

What am I looking for? You should be passionate about all things front end. You should have a good solid history of writing and delivering front end applications in JavaScript and have a strong understanding of all of the industry best practices as well as the industry trends and key open source projects. Some experience with node is a plus.

What do I need you to do? Since the team is about a dozen in size, I don't need you coding on a daily basis. What I want you to do instead is to take this great team to greater heights. Inspire them. Grow them. Mentor them. Help instill great engineering into the team (continuous integration/deployment/social coding). I also need you to be passionate about experience. And passionate about delivering this experience to multiple channels. Ensure that we are utilizing responsive web design in every possible way.

You will need a strong working relationship with our product team, middle/backend engineering teams, and user experience teams. You will set the example for how this team gets stuff done. I need you to be a leader!

If you are interested in this exciting challenge then ping me right away. I am on twitter @billwscott or same handle for my email at