Me on Google Earth!

Ok, the ultimate vanity search :-)

Back at Foo Camp, O'Reilly contracted to have a plane fly over and take 3" resolution images for inclusion in Google Earth. It happened on Saturday, the first full day of camp.

O'Reilly Foo Campus

Gregor Hohpe from Google & I decided it would be cool to lay out on the lawn and let the plane get a good look at us sprawled out on the campus. I tried to convince him to lay with his legs together and his hands spread out above in the form of a Y (for Yahoo!) but he didn't bite ;-)

Here's a closeup shot of us on the campus. I am the one outlined in red, Greg is in blue.

Bill at Foo Camp 2006

If you care to check out the Foo Camp shot, it's located at:

Latitude: 38°24'40.46"N; Longitude: 122°50'25.59"W