Three Key Principles to Operating as a LeanUX Team

Coaching teams here at PayPal on what it takes to operate like in a LeanUX manner. I have typically boiled it down to just 3 key principles.

Three Principles

1. Maintain a Shared Understanding at All Times

This was key when I was at Netflix and I see it even stronger now. A lack of a shared understanding means you will have have to lots of documentation. Having documentation that is predictive in an iterative environment is problematic. It is

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The Who, What, How of Satisfaction for Frontend Engineers

This is an over-simplified view. But I was thinking about what really matters to frontend engineers (or any engineers) in their jobs (besides money).

It matters WHO they work with

  • They want to be challenged by people smarter than themselves.
  • They want to work for someone who gets it and values what they do.

It matters WHAT they work on with who they work with

  • The experience must matter. It must not be an afterthought.
  • The technology stack must be
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Forming a new Accessibility Team at PayPal -- Welcome Victor Tsaran & Srinivasu Chakravarthula!

I am excited to share that we are formalizing the already ongoing effort at PayPal in Accessibility by forming an official Accessibility team.

And to kick things off right, I am thrilled to announce that Victor Tsaran will be joining PayPal on Monday 9/10 to lead this team. Many of you know that for the past 7+ years Victor has been the face of Accessibility at Yahoo (along with the excellent Alan Brightman) And if you were reading my

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Looking for "UI Engineer, Developer Experience"

NOTE: We continue to look for great talent in this space. However, this particular job has been filled.

Just one of the many places we are upping the game at PayPal is in our developer experiences. A few months back PayPal formed an Application Platform team. Part of its charter is to create great developer experiences as well as simple developer APIs. Deepak Nadig, the Technical Director of this team, is looking for two UI Engineers to work on exciting

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Why You Should Work with Me at PayPal

I have blogged a little in the past as to why I came to PayPal. Today I want to talk about why you should come to PayPal to work with me.

To start with let's be frank. Last year when I contemplated joining PayPal it was clear PayPal had long lost its luster as the darling innovator of Silicon Valley. PayPal had changed the face of payments when it came on the scene. And the innovators DNA is evidenced by

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