Parenthesis of Forgetfulness

I am reading the excellent book Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals about our Everyday Deceptions

In discussing how magicians manipulate attention (looking at the way Apollo Robbins the Gentleman Thief picks pockets) they described a technique called time misdirection. This is when your attention is misdirected in the time dimension. Magicians may introduce delays between the method behind a trick and the effect itself, which makes it difficult to link the two (see pg. 69).


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Anti-Patterns for Lean UX

We are going full bore on LeanUX at PayPal. This presentation just captures a lot of cautions for our teams. These anti-patterns call out bad behaviors or situations that can become bad which will stifle collaboration.

What anti-patterns have you seen?

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Welcome Crock!

Doug's new hire welcome sticker in his cube

Welcome aboard Doug!

Stoked to be working with you again :-)

Interested in where PayPal is headed in the world of Javascript/User Interface Engineering? Ping me. bill.scott at

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The Experimentation Layer

Designing for Reusability

Code reuse has been a major concern of mine throughout my career. I graduated with a computer science degree and was taught the value and beauty of loosely coupled, modular code with a clear separation of concerns. In fact some of my most rewarding experiences have been writing user interface frameworks (a few dozen over the last 30 years).

The same goes for designing experiences. Early on I realized that interaction designs could also be reused. Sometime

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