Velocity Conference '08 Notes

Velocity Conference was great!

I think the greatest takeaway is how seriously the Firefox and IE8 team are taking client performance. In particular, the work of Steve Souders, the Yahoo! performance team, others who are writing about Ajax performance is the playlist for what to optimize. As Eric Lawrence of Microsoft said to Steve, "Our mission is to make your book on performance be out of date."

This is a very different picture from a few years back.

I still find it very disappointing that the Safari team is always absent at these discussions. I realize that Safari is kicking butt in performance (I will post examples from our round trip stats to show that) but it really is important that they are approachable by the community. But this seems to be the way of Apple unfortunately.

Some Great Talks
There were a lot of good talks, but here are the ones that stood out to me (I did miss both mornings).

Some Great Announcements/Tools
My talk is also available for download.

Already looking forward to Velocity '09.

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