Real World Ajax - NYC

Real World Ajax in NYC, Monday 3/13 was a blast. I gave a talk on Designing for Ajax. It is a look at the most common patterns used by Ajax applications and the good design principles that underpin them.

You can catch a video interview with me about what is going on with the patterns, ajax and developer services at Yahoo.

I especially enjoyed

  • Christophe Conraet from Adobe demo'ing the extra cool Adobe Ajax-Flex Bridge. I have already found an internal app within Yahoo! that this might be a good fit for. Essentially I can now mix Flex and Ajax freely on the page. I can manipulate flex (flash) components via JavaScript. And with the connectivity capabilities of flash you can do some pretty cool Comet style interactions (collaboration, white boarding, push style technology)
  • David Heinnemer Hannson's Rails talk. David just keeps adding more and more cool stuff to Rails every day. His example of driving multiple rails applications via a flash bridge (again Comet-style technology) was really cool.
  • Kevin Hackman of Tibco gave a very interesting tour of early Ajax apps in the enterprise (1999-2003). Its really cool to see what incredible work was happening before the "Ajax Christening."
  • Scott Dietzen, CTO of Zimbra gave a great look into the world of Zimbra. I really like the Zimlets. Great way to extend their product. Scott, Ross and the others at Zimbra are a very talented team.
I also had interesting conversations with Backbase by CEO Jouk Pleister and Rob Gonda the new editor-in-chief for Ajax Developer's Journal.

It was good to touch base with JackBe founder, Jacob Derechin. The exciting news for them is they have added three really talented folks from Sun Microsystems (Deepak Alur, Dan Malks, John Crupi). These are the authors of the Core J2EE Patterns book. I had an great talk with them about the world of patterns. JackBe is an interesting Ajax toolkit for the enterprise. It is the only full framework I am aware of that can handle really low bandwidth/latency connections (and I am talking 9600 baud Ajax!)

So others have done a great job of summarizing. Here are a few articles on the conference:
Jeremy Geelan and Dion Hinchcliffe are great hosts. Check out their upcoming seminars in San Jose, CA in April as well as back in NYC in June.