The Who, What, How of Satisfaction for Frontend Engineers

This is an over-simplified view. But I was thinking about what really matters to frontend engineers (or any engineers) in their jobs (besides money).

It matters WHO they work with

  • They want to be challenged by people smarter than themselves.
  • They want to work for someone who gets it and values what they do.

It matters WHAT they work on with who they work with

  • The experience must matter. It must not be an afterthought.
  • The technology stack must be industry standard and make development fast.
  • The work must be relevant to our customers.

It matters HOW they work on what they work on with whom they work with

  • They want to partner early & often with product & design.
  • They want to work in a lean, collaborative environment.
  • They want to have customer feedback integrated throughout the lifecycle.
  • Some parts of their work must be given back to the open source community.
  • They must be valued for the unique contribution they make.
  • They must be able to grow in their job to reach new heights.

What do you think?