Wanted: Pattern Curator for Yahoo! Library

As many of you know one of my jobs at Yahoo! has been as Yahoo! Design Pattern Curator. My main contribution in this role has been (along with the incredible help of Erin Malone, Annette Leong, Leslie Wang, David Gan, Greg Rosenberg, Jay Bergesen, Ben Clemens, Kiersten Lammerding and Lance Nishihira -- to name a few) to launch the public Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. (Of course I must also mention the incredible work of Matt Leacock, Erin Malone and Chanel Wheeler in launching the internal pattern library before I joined Yahoo!)

The library has meant a lot to various folks in the community. I have heard over and over at various talks I have given the gratitude to Yahoo! for opening up the pattern library to the public. As an example, recently in Portugal I had several design/engineering teams personally thank me for this library.

The library has also attracted some great talent to Yahoo! We have heard consistently from recruits coming into Yahoo! that the library was a big attraction to their checking Yahoo! out.

The job involves working with properties/sites across Yahoo! evangelizing the internal and external adoption of patterns. If this excites you, then we have the perfect job for you! Or perhaps you can recommend that perfect person...

Here is the email from Erin Malone (who could ask for a better person to work with?) posting this position.

I have a really important and interesting position on my team here at Yahoo! This position is a result of an internal transfer to another role which opens up great opportunities for you!

Rather than post the full long bulletted list of the job description I have presented here a brief overview of the role in the hopes that the excitement that I feel about the role comes through. Please feel free to ping me for the full description or if you have questions or if you want to send me resume.

Platform Design at Yahoo! supports the Platform Products Group and is responsible for the development of NETWORK standards, the PATTERN Libraries, solutions and components for the UI WIDGET Library, for the PERSONALIZATION platform, for intertwining COMMUNITY across the network and for MEMBERSHIP touchpoints across the network. Our team consists of Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, User Researchers and Developers. Team members work closely with other cross functional people from Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, QA, and others across the company.

Yahoo!'s Platform User Experience Design team is looking for a new curator for the Pattern Library. The curator works with designers from across Yahoo! to develop new patterns and to eventually migrate a pattern to the public library. You will be responsible for spotting trends in the designs of our properties, for designing and crafting new additions to the library and for evangelizing the authorship of new patterns among your Interaction Designer colleagues.

You will partner with our Platform Presentation Engineering team to create interactions and best practices that accompany the UI Widget Library. Additionally, you will own the external Public Pattern Library and develop the pattern lifecycle from internal to external libraries. And last but not least, you will be the spearhead and driver for a new addition to our Library suite - a new Terms Library and will work closely with our internal editorial team.

Please respond to me directly with resume and links to work.
Reference Job # RX1000017268


Erin Malone

If you are interested, feel free to ping me via email. You can reach me at b dot scott at yahoo dot com and I will get you in contact with Erin & the right parties.

BTW, I will still be 'yapping' about patterns. I will still be evangelizing the patterns. It's part of my blood. Whoever takes this role should know that I look forward to supporting them and helping them in this role as much as possible.