We are Hiring

Ok, so I am still new at Netflix. But thought it might be interesting to write up my first impressions.

Sean Kane, my predecessor did a really great job of helping me understand the culture so there have been no surprises. No surprises, but a good bit of delight.

Here are some of the ways I would sum up what I have seen so far.

Treated Like Adults
This is a really important cultural trait. It starts with salary. You choose the mix of $ to equity and have the flexibility to switch it around from year to year. We pay extremely well (hey we even brag about it on the site). But it goes beyond that. It works it's way into HR, recruiting and all the other parts of the company that in other places tend to be out of sync. We don't make a bunch of rules. The HR policy manual is extremely small.

There is an amazing amount of transparency of how the business is run as well as successes and failures. This makes it a great place to learn and thrive.

Blend of Science & Art
Truly it is consumer science here. A lot of experimenting and analysis. It is very intriguing to work at a place that really gets the importance of a great interface as well as balances it with the realities of business.

And did I mention that we have some of the most incredible work policies and pay anywhere in the country? And we are doing very well?

Ok, so we are hiring!

I am looking to fill two positions immediately on my team.

Sr. Staff UI Engineer
This is a senior position in which you will work closely with me and my team of engineers to improve, architect and code integral solutions that impact the whole site. This is a really key role that will take our site to the next level from a web development best practices, performance and infrastructure perspective.

Senior User Interface Engineer – Customer Service
This is a new position that we are opening up this week. In this role you will help re-design and engineer a new web based customer support center. We will put the same care in this site that we do with the main Netflix site. Many of the ideas, solutions may find there way into the general Netflix site as well. If you love building great web applications then please give me a ping.

Other Positions in Other Teams
Adrian Cockcroft, former Sun Distinguished Engineer and eBay research labs member is just one of the luminaries here at Netflix. Adrian has two immediate openings on his team.

Creative Director.
Yes, we are looking for a talented creative director to work directly with with our VP of Product Management, Gibson Biddle, on taking design for Netflix to a whole new level. Up for the challenge? Let me know.

Sr. Marketing Graphic Designer
Barry Enderwick is looking for a talented graphic designer to work in his team. Barry's team creates the brand, the advertising, the badges, the printed material, etc. If you are a graphic designer this is an awesome opportunity to work on one of the most recognized brands in America.

For all of these positions, feel free to email me. You can reach me at b dot scott at yahoo dot com.